Improve Women’s Health

When we talk about women’s health, this is a lot different from what men need in order to stay healthy and disease free. Women have their own need whether it is about food and diet, activities, medical attention and even basic needs such as clothing and shelter. Women are known to be fragile but the more conscious version of her opposite sex. In this article we will discuss some possible ways that can help women improve her health in no time.There are many ways for a woman to improve her well being. These ways are guaranteed to have great effects not only on her physical well being but most of all to her emotional and psychological development. As we all know women are more conscious than men when it comes to health issues so this article will be very easy for them to follow and comply.Here are some effective ways to help improve women’s health.- Diet and nutritionWhen it comes to diet and nutrition, women have different caloric needs compare to men. Women need less calories and fats than men. What a woman needs on her daily diet are more vitamins, minerals and iron. Iron is very vital as woman has monthly period and sometimes can lost excessive blood that may lead to anemia.Women need more fruits and vegetables and less carbonated drinks even coffee and alcohol should be limited.- Medical attentionWomen are prone to have diseases than men. Even a simple reproductive infection may lead to more serious complications if left undiagnosed and untreated. Women need to undergo Pap smear every year to make sure there are no cancer cells growing inside her uterus and ovary. Women also need to have breast examination and this can be easily done by her doctor or even by herself.- Protected SexOnce a woman becomes sexually active she must have enough knowledge about having safe sex. Acquiring different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are very easy and getting more serious complications and conditions such as HIV and AIDS are just a part of this. When this happened, a woman may end up having such condition or she may get pregnant.There are many ways to get safe sex. It is always advisable to see a health practitioner to gain more details about this matter. Bear in mind that this is important in improving women’s health.- ExerciseThere are now many women who work like men. They devote most of their time toiling which in result they tend to forget their physical well being. Through this women may develop certain diseases and conditions such as diabetes, obesity and even high blood pressure. Women who lack activities such as exercise and have the kind of job that only require them to sit on their chair the whole day may have a bigger chance of acquiring one of these condition compare to those whose works involve some movements.For busy women, a simple fifteen walk twice a week is very beneficial.These simple ways are very easy to follow and it will not be that complicated if you are really into changing your way of life.

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